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Start your social fashion empire with Allo Shop

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Social fashion is all the craze nowadays as the fashion world has slowly shifted its way to a booming social media presence. Whether a lookbook on instagram, or a livestream on Youtube, fashion brands have found their way to showcase their products for millions to see.

Now in the social fashion realm, the real key is to become a social retailer, this is anyone with a platform or audience that wishes to monetize it. You can be a social creator, fashion stylists, or a personal shopper, the only issue is how to arrive at this position. The solution? Allo Shop.

Allo Shop is a fashion livestream showroom business that helps feature emerging designers and small businesses. These showrooms help build relationships with their customers and partnerships to help their social retail business. They use their passions and expertise to empower creators to build their own fashion retail empire.

By joining these livestream showrooms, customers and other brands have a chance to source just the right products for their audience. Allo Shop also provides skills on how to create content that sells. This could be in the form of livestream shopping, video content, or instagram posts, their team will teach you to create highly converting content that will in turn maximize your sales.

Their step by step process of how to become a successful social fashion retailer is not only incredibly easy to follow, but clear on how the path will help your business. First getting invited to invite-only exclusive fashion livestream events which are hosted by brands, helps you get a feel for the brands you like, and provides the opportunity to talk and form relationships with different brands. Next, as a social retailer you can source products by selecting which brands you would like to collaborate with, and which products you will showcase to your audience. Allo Shop helps provide analysis and advice on how to create optimal content. Finally, sharing your curated content with your audience, through forms of styling sessions, live streams, vlogs, social channels, will help you promote and sell the products, where the social retailer makes up to 20% commission each sale.

With social media creators and influencers becoming the world’s next biggest e-commerce trend, we at Linden3 believe that Allo Shop has immense potential to take social fashion retailing to the next level. By providing a platform for both brands and creators to create relationships, Allo Shop serves as one of the most accessible ways to start a social fashion empire.

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