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Reflecting on a Decade: Celebrating theMednet's Journey

As early-stage investors, we have the privilege of witnessing the growth of innovative startups from their inception to becoming industry leaders. One of these success stories we have witnessed is theMednet, a company we are incredibly proud to support. 

A Humble Beginning

Recently founder Samir Housri found photos of theMednets first ‘real’ office: a small room no larger than a closet, furnished with a discarded monitor found on the side of the road. Despite limited resources, theMednet's founders had a vision—to revolutionize how physicians share their expert knowledge across the country to save the lives of cancer patients. This vision was clear even in those early, challenging days, and it was this unwavering mission that drew us to invest in them.

A Decade of Impact

Fast forward a decade, and theMednet has grown beyond our wildest expectations. From a modest start, it now spans 14 specialties and assists 30,000 physicians in improving patient care nationwide. Their team has grown to over 20 employees, and their office is now a far cry from the closet-sized space they began with.

The impact of theMednet on the medical community is profound. By creating a platform where physicians can document and share undocumented medical knowledge, they have made expert information accessible and easily searchable. This has not only enhanced patient care but has also fostered a supportive community of medical professionals.

Looking Ahead

For us as investors, the journey with theMednet has been incredibly rewarding. Supporting a company that is so deeply committed to its mission and seeing it grow and succeed reaffirms why we invest in early-stage startups. TheMednet's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of perseverance, vision, and unwavering dedication to a mission. We are proud to be part of theMednet’s journey and excited to see what the future holds for this incredible company.

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