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  • Zoe Lusk

Celebrating Touchpoint's Strategic Partnership and Expansion

As investors who have been involved with Touchpoint from its early stages, we at Samudra Pacific are thrilled to reflect on the outstanding achievements of the company throughout 2023 and into 2024. With preliminary revenue figures surpassing expectations, including a significant increase in high-margin SaaS, financial services, and hardware revenue, Touchpoint's performance underscores its potential in the POS industry.

One of the most exciting developments for Touchpoint comes from through their partnership with 7 Brew, a next-generation drive-thru beverage business. Since its inception in 2017, 7 Brew has been committed to serving custom drinks while fostering kindness and joy with every interaction. Now recognized as QSR Magazine's "Breakout Brand of 2023," 7 Brew's expansion plans align perfectly with Touchpoint's innovative solutions and dedication to customer success.

The recent announcement of Blackstone's growth equity investment in 7 Brew further validates the potential of this partnership. Blackstone's backing not only signifies confidence in 7 Brew's rapid expansion plans but also highlights Touchpoint's pivotal role in supporting this growth trajectory.

Touchpoint's role as 7 Brew's technology partner extends far beyond traditional boundaries. As 7 Brew prepares to add an additional 400 new locations across the U.S. in 2024, Touchpoint's focus on franchisee management becomes paramount. By ensuring that its franchisee management solutions are as brilliant as its POS system, Touchpoint not only solidifies its position as a trusted partner but also becomes more recommendable to other franchise businesses.

Additionally, Touchpoint's data warehouse strategy proved instrumental in facilitating real-time insights and seamless audits for 7 Brew on its journey toward an IPO. Looking ahead to 2024, Touchpoint is poised to fully embrace its role as 7 Brew's technology partner, supporting its rapid growth trajectory and paving the way for even greater opportunities in the future.

As investors, we are incredibly optimistic about Touchpoint's growth prospects in 2024 and beyond. The strategic partnership with 7 Brew, backed by Blackstone's investment, sets the stage for an exciting chapter of expansion and innovation. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Touchpoint team on their remarkable achievements and eagerly anticipate the continued success of this dynamic partnership.

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