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Global Interview Scheduling Software Market To Reach Highest CAGR By 2026

Updated: Mar 11, 2021 becomes one of the companies profiled in the recent report about the Interview Scheduling Software industry, is poised for strong growth in the years ahead is an automated interview scheduling software. is using Artificial Intelligence and automation to help recruiters schedule complex interview, scale interview training, and provide actionable metrics. Companies of all sizes are making interviews more effective and efficient with Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.’s Interview Scheduling helps Airbnb’s global hiring teams hire 5x faster! - Recruiting Program Manager at Airbnb

The Interviewing Scheduling Market Size and Opportunity

The job searching process has always been exhausting for both the seeker and the recruiter, even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the rise of unemployment rates affect the job market, the process for vetting potential candidates has had to change in order to find jobs for people and get those positions filled as quickly as possible. Sifting through so many resumes, cover letters, sitting through, and conducting countless interviews is a lot for human beings alone to handle. That is where interview scheduling software comes in. This technology provides HR with tools to lessen the time and workload of the vetting and searching process for both candidates and scouters.

Streamlining digital calendars, matching up interviews within those digital calendars within the system, auto-scheduling for potential candidates and scouters, mass choose and schedule tool for fast interview arrangement, an e-mail function with notifications, reviewing candidate work and personal history, and sync ability with other SaaS are many of the most needed features to have within an interview scheduling software.

The global interview scheduling software market size is expected to reach $1.3B by 2026 from $250 million in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 39% from 2020 to 2026. Clearly, we have an opportunity here to build a meaningful company that serves the interview scheduling market from the bottom up and later expand to other Human Resources opportunities, such as employee onboarding and new hire tools and software needed to ensure productivity and high retention of the employees.

From Winning Hackathons to Building

Our team first met Ahryun, Jasper, and Peter at Alchemist Accelerator Demo Day in August 2016. They are three good friends who love to create software and have known each other for more than 10 years. They previously worked on scheduling and workforce automation software. As a team of hackers, they won Salesforce $1M Hackathon, Toyota Connected Vehicle Hackathon and Launch Hackathon. Since 2014, they were competing against thousands engineers from all over the world and came up on top. We love that 100% of the team members can write code, which makes product development cycle agile and fast.

With the experience of building various software at Yelp, Freescale, and Facebook, the founders found that scheduling interviews is time-consuming and costly for enterprises. Recruiters spend up to 50% of their day finding suitable panel of interviewers and negotiating times with candidates and interviewers. A large enterprise spends an average of $2.3M on full-time scheduling staff dedicated to their recruiting department. Hence, was born.

We love the team's focus on creating unique products which belong to categories of its own and bring that experience to The company's interviewing platform matches of interviewers and interviewees based on employee skill sets, location, interview training status, position, previous interview records and more, all within in seconds. Moreover, collects 1500 unique data points collected for engineering interviewers. This is not done by any other competitors in this field.

Recruitment startup of the Year nominee

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